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Unicorn Princess

costumed characters

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Please see below for our original copyrighted story for our two sisters Rainie & Windy. 

The Unicorn Sisters' Birthday Party Adventure

By Margy Johnson

for Happily Ever Parties

& Entertainment

Copyright 2023

There are two worlds that exist in the same time and place, but they are invisible to each other. 


These are the world of the humans and the world of the unicorns.


Humans live in a world that they call Earth and Unicorns live in a world, which they call Chimera.


Both worlds exist together, but each world is completely unaware of the existence of the other.  Neither can see or feel or touch or hear any evidence of that other world.


Princess Rainabella was a lovely unicorn who lived in the world of Chimera.  Her family called her Rainie, because her little sister, unicorn Princess Windy, couldn’t say Rainabella, when she was a young filly and always called her Rainie instead. Princess Rainie and Princess Windy were the daughters of King Dauntless and Queen Dainty, the beloved rulers of Chimera.


The unicorn citizens of Chimera all lived very happily and enjoyed their work very much.  Some of them specialized in making rainbows or sunbeams and others were very talented at gathering magical stardust from the sky, to spread across their land, which helped to make Chimera a strong, prosperous and happy kingdom.


All unicorns had magic powers.  Some unicorns could fly. Some could make flowers blossom and plants grow.  Others could roll a soft cloud over the horizon to cool Chimera down on a hot day.


In the Kingdom of Chimera there also lived a wicked witch named Thunderous.  She had come to Chimera on a rolling storm cloud after she was banished from her home, the Land of Tornadoes.  She had tried to lead a rebellion to overthrow the Queen of Tornadoes and was sent away forever, as a punishment. 


Thunderous had magic powers to create storms and other powers that would allow her to travel between all worlds, but it did not matter to her because she would never be permitted to return to the Land of Tornadoes, which is the only place she wanted to be.


Thunderous was angry and resentful and she disliked the unicorns because their happiness made her feel even more lonely and sad.


Rainie was a young lady unicorn and she was very gifted at making rainbows.  She made the most beautiful rainbows in the land.  She invented the double and triple rainbows and was always working to make bigger and more uniquely beautiful rainbow designs.


Windy, had the gift of being able to fly.  Windy would help Rainie with her rainbow making, because she could fly up high and reach the parts of the rainbow that Rainie could not reach from the ground.  She could not make the rainbows, herself, but she could help to style them. Together they created the most beautiful rainbow designs any unicorn had ever seen.


On the day of the Radiance Festival, Rainie and Windy were out together at sunrise making beautiful rainbows to decorate the Festival Grounds.  Thunderous saw them looking so happy together and having so much fun that she became very jealous. 


Thunderous had been sent away from her own land and she did not like to see the sisters happy and content in their native land.  She decided that she would cast a magic spell to send them away from their land and into the land of the humans, where they would be lost and alone forever.


Just as Rainie and Windy were happily crafting a magnificent masterpiece of a rainbow for the Festival, Thunderous conjured up a violent whirlwind which flung open the gate between the world of Chimera and the world of Earth and pushed Rainie and Windy through the gate. 


Rainie and Windy tried desperately to hold onto their world but Thunderous had more strength, so they were forced through the gate by her windstorm, and it slammed shut behind them. 


Suddenly, Rainie and Windy found themselves in a strange land they did not recognize at all.  They looked at themselves and at each other and found that their hooves had turned into feet and hands and their manes had turned into colorful human hair. They were standing upright and walking on their back feet with their hands stretched out in front of them.  


The rainbow that Rainie had been crafting had turned into a pretty, bright and colorful dress that Rainie wore.  The tiny bit of rainbow that she had been holding in her hoof had become a shining glass pendant necklace. Windy had been further away from the rainbow Rainie was making, so her dress became a softer, lighter version of the rainbow.  


They had become the strange human creatures that inhabit the world called Earth and were no longer unicorns, although they both still had their unicorn horns and Windy still had her wings.


Thunderous had followed them through the gate into the human world and she laughed at their confusion. “How does it feel to be banished from your home and to live in a strange land with strange creatures?  I know how it feels.  Now you will find out for yourselves!”. 


Thunderous was happy that she had been able to push Rainie and Windy out of Chimera and into Earth, but she realized that she could not take away their magic powers forever, without removing their horns and pulling the wings from the back of Windy.  She reached out and tried to pull them off, but they could not be removed.


Windy tried to fly away, but her magic wings did not work in the land of earth.  

Rainie and Windy began to fight back against Thunderous and at that moment a remnant of the rainbow they had been creating shimmered in front of them.  Through the rainbow, they could see the land of Chimera. 


They immediately stopped fighting Thunderous, grabbed each other’s hands and tried to run back through the rainbow together but Thunderous summoned a mighty wind and blew the rainbow away. 


Rainie quickly tried to make another rainbow for them to pass through, but her magic rainbow powers did not work in the land of earth.  She felt sad and afraid, for the very first time, but then she had an idea.


“I know how we will get back home!”  Rainie said to Windy.  “All we have to do is find another rainbow and run through it together!  There has to be another rainbow somewhere!” 


 “You will be in this world for a long time”, sneered Thunderous.  “You don’t know what this world called Earth is like.  It is not like Chimera, where there are rainbows every day.  In the land of Earth rainbows only happen when there is a rainstorm!   And you will have to travel a long way to get close enough to pass through a rainbow in this land.”


At that moment they all noticed that two human children were walking towards them, hand in hand. 


Evil witches, such as Thunderous, are always terrified of human children, because their kindness and innocence can defeat even the strongest evil spell.  Thunderous quickly summoned a strong wind and flew away in panic, as the children approached Rainie and Windy.


Rainie and Windy were terrified, but they did not run away from the children. They were hopeful that if the evil witch, Thunderous, was frightened by the children, it must mean that the children were good and would not harm them.


The children approached and looked at Rainie and Windy with curiosity and fascination.  Rainie and Windy looked back at them in the same way. 


The children were much smaller than Rainie and Windy.  Their hair was long and pretty but it was not bright and colorful like the unicorn princesses and they were wearing sparkly dresses and carrying brightly colored gift bags.  They did not have horns on their heads or wings on their backs.


The children whispered to each other for a few moments while looking at Rainie and Windy with awe.  Rainie and Windy stood still and quiet and waited to see what would happen.


“Hello”, said one of the children, finally.  “My name is Emily” and this is my friend, Aria”.  We are going to Isabella’s birthday party.  She lives next door.  Are you her birthday party princesses?  If you are lost, we can show you the way to her party.”


Rainie and Windy just looked at each other and didn’t know what to say. 


“Why do you have horns on your heads?”, the girl named Aria asked. “And why do you have wings?” Emily asked Windy. 


“You look like unicorns!” Both girls said together.  


“And you are so pretty!  Aria added.


Finally, Rainie and Windy felt that they were safe.  They smiled gently at the little girls and Rainie said, “Yes, we ARE Unicorns and we ARE Princesses!  My Name is Rainie and this is my sister, Windy.  She has wings because she can fly (at least she can in our land)”. 


“We would love to go with you to Isabella’s birthday party”, Windy said.  “What is a birthday party?”


“I can answer that question”, Emily said, as they started to walk together.  “A birthday party is a special day for one person, and other people bring her presents and have fun with their friend.  It is a chance to dress up and eat cake and play.”


“That sounds lovely”, Windy said.  “But we don’t have a present to bring”.


“That’s okay” Aria said with a smile.  “You are the entertainment.  Your gift is that you will be there to make the birthday party special”. 


Rainie and Windy smiled and were happy to hear that they could make the party special just by being there.


Emily and Aria brought Rainie and Windy to the party and Isabella was thrilled and excited to have two REAL unicorn princesses at her birthday party.  Her mother thought that they were sent by Emily and Aria’s parents as a birthday gift for Isabella and she was very thankful that they were so thoughtful as to provide entertainment, as well as bringing presents.


At the party Rainie and Windy sang with the children, danced with them and did fun activities with them. “A birthday party seems to be a lot like a Festival”, Windy said.


Both unicorns were sad for just a moment, because they were missing the festival back home.


“After the party, we can go looking for rainbows”, Rainie said.  Windy smiled.

“Why do you want to look for rainbows”? Isabella asked. 


“We came here by accident when the evil witch, Thunderous, sent us away from our unicorn land, which is called Chimera.  The only way that we can get back home is to walk through a rainbow”, Windy answered.


“We are happy to be here with you and are very glad to have met you”, Rainie added.  “But we would like to be able to go back home and see our parents and unicorn friends again”.


“After the party, we can all look for rainbows together!”  Aria said. 


“That is a wonderful idea”, Windy said.  “We would love to look for rainbows with you”.


“We may need to look for rainbows for a long time”, Rainie said.  The wicked witch told us that, in this land, rainbows only happen during a rainstorm.  But we will keep looking until we find a way to go home." 


And I think we will spend our time, until we find the rainbow, going to birthday parties like this, because this party is so much fun!”, Windy said.

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