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The Mermaid and the Magic Bubbles
copyright 2023 
by Happily Ever Parties & Entertainment
Margy Johnson

Once upon a time, deep beneath the waves of the ocean, there lived a beautiful mermaid named Marina. Marina was no ordinary mermaid, for she had a magnificent rainbow tail that shone like the sun and shimmered like the stars.

One day, as she was swimming through the coral reefs, Marina discovered that she had a magical power - she could create bubbles that made everyone who touched them feel incredibly happy. These bubbles were no ordinary bubbles, they were made of pure joy and happiness, and they would spread their magic wherever they went.

Marina loved to make these bubbles and see the smiles they brought to the faces of all the sea creatures she met. She would create them in all different shapes and sizes, and the sea creatures would play with them, dance around them, and laugh with pure joy.

One day, a little girl named Lila was walking along the beach when she saw a beautiful rainbow tail swimming in the ocean. She had never seen anything like it before and was so intrigued that she decided to follow the mermaid. As she followed Marina, she saw her create the magical bubbles that made everyone around her so happy.

Lila was so fascinated by the bubbles that she asked Marina if she could take one with her. Marina smiled and gave Lila a special bubble that was bigger and brighter than any she had made before. As soon as Lila touched the bubble, she felt a warm, happy feeling spread through her body. She giggled with pure joy and ran back to her village to show everyone her magical bubble.

From that day on, Marina and Lila became the best of friends. Marina would create bubbles for Lila to take with her on her adventures, and the little girl would share the magic with everyone she met. People who touched the bubbles would instantly feel happy and would go on to spread that happiness to others.

And so, the magical bubbles created by the mermaid with the rainbow tail became a symbol of love, joy, and happiness in the world. 

Marina and Lila continued to spread their magic, and people would always remember the beautiful mermaid who created bubbles of happiness and wonder in the deep blue sea.