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Katherine as Snow Queen


"Katherine entertained for a party I coordinated at extremely last minute. She came in and looked absolutely perfect! When we got her with the kids, she was completely amazing and exceed all expectations. I would definitely request Katherine for future events!"

Hannah G.

Fort Worth, TX

December 7, 2014

- Katherine -

My daughter's 3rd birthday party


"The Snow Queen and Snow Man did a fantastic job. She sang to the kids as she painted their faces and sang Let It Go beautifully for the entire party. Both Snow Man and Snow Queen stayed in character the entire time, and did a great job making sure the kids were having a great time. Thank you tons!!!"

Alisa V.
Plano, TX
December 6, 2014
- Jessica, Robin -

A Snow Queen Party


"We had Snow Queen(Jessica) at our party this weekend and she was awesome! They sang and danced and played for 2 hours! The girls love it!!"

Brandy D.
Sachse, TX
November 22, 2014
- Jessica -

Awesome Pink Doll Princess!


"Jessica was the quintessential pink doll we were hoping for! She was beautiful, classy and authentic. Jessica played so nicely with the children and was a huge hit with my daughter. She even sang the theme from Frozen and sounded amazing! I highly recommend her!"

Jennifer H.

Dallas, TX

November 16, 2014

- Jessica -

The Snow Queen (Jessica) was amazing!


"Jessica made my daughters party! All of the little girls were so excited to see her and she was very patient and kind and funny when 10 five year olds were in her space at all times. We had planned to have music to sing to, but when one little girl asked about the song, she just had them sing along...and, wow, can she sing! Who needs music? Thank you so much, Jessica for making CeCe's party very special!"

Trecie H. 
Dallas, TX
October 30, 2014
- Jessica -

Sleeping Beauty Party


"We had the Pink Princess come to our party and she did a wonderful job with all the kids. We had about 15 kids and they were all well entertained. She kept their attention the whole time and the look on their little faces when she came through the door was priceless. I will definitely recommend this to anyone having a party. Even the boys had a great time at the princess party."

Kelly S.
Hutto, TX
November 15, 2014
- Vanessa -

Awesome Duo


"The Snow Princess and Snow Queen communicated with me right up until party time. They worked very well together to keep 15 little 5-6yo girls entertained. They were very flexible as you need to be at these parties. They incorporated my plans into theirs beautifully. Happily Ever After was great to book with. Will keep them on speed dial!"

Beverly E.

Colleyville, TX

November 15, 2014

- Kim B., Cathy - 

Thank You SNOW much !


"Jessica (Snow Queen) and Laura (Snow Princess) made my daughters 6th birthday a smashing success! The ladies looked beautiful, their demeanor's were professional and they interacted so well with all the children (even the difficult ones!). The communication was top notch and always professional. The ladies showed up early and prepared. They kept the children engaged the entire time. I was flooded with emails from parents complimenting what a great party it was. Even the adults were entertained. I will Happily use this company again for my future party needs."

Allen, TX
November 1, 2014
- Jessica, Laura -



"We cannot speak highly enough about our experience with Happily Ever Parties and our visit from Jessica as Snow Queen. The planning was very easy and once here, Jessica did an amazing job of engaging the little girls at our daughter's 5th birthday party. She sang beautifully, made balloon animals, gave the girls temporary tattoos and answered every last precious question that the girls asked her without ever breaking character. She helped make our daughter's birthday so special and memorable and we highly recommend Happily Ever Parties to anyone!"

Michelle B.
Frisco, TX
November 2, 2014
- Jessica -

Fifth B-day Party


"Katherine aka Snow Queen with happily ever parties was off the wall amazing!! She was SO good with the girls she sang and danced with them TRIED to answer ALL of their questions!! She was absolutely amazing. I will never book with anybody else but with Happy Ever Parties!
Thank you for making a little girls wish come true!"

Esperanza P.

November 8, 2014

Arlington, TX

- Katherine -

Disney should give her a call!

"I wanted to write a review for Anna , she played "Snow Princess" at a birthday party of the family I nanny for.

We were absolutely blown away with "Anna's" performance!  She came in full of energy and in character!  Not once did she steer away from her character.  She captured the attention of all the children and ALL OF THE PARENTS!!! 

Throughout the party, I could hear whispers of "Wow, isn't she amazing", "She is a perfect Snow Princess", "I wish I had her energy" and so on!  After we heard her sing part of a Frozen song, we couldn't resist asking her to sing some more!  She is a true talent!  I think Disney should give her a call!"

Samantha R.
Austin, TX
October 25, 2014
- Anna -

Wonderful experience for my daughter

"We had such a wonderful experience with Happily Ever Parties and our "Ana" Jessica. They were very responsive when I was booking the party and it was so easy to plan. Jessica showed up a few minutes early and texted me upon arrival. The girls were thrilled to see her and she did an excellent job interacting with the girls while face painting. She ended with a few songs and the girls sang along with her. Everything was perfect and now my older daughter wants Ana for her birthday party too : )"

Courtney J
October 26, 2014
Dallas, TX
- Jessica -

Incredible princesses


"Our princesses were spectacular, on time, and just had the most beautiful voices. The children were transported to a magical place. We truly had a Happily Ever After experience! My 5 year old daughter and her friends are still talking about it!"

Deepa D.

Austin, TX

October 19, 2014

- Anna, Mikaela -

Snow Queen  Was Marvelous


"Omg!!! What can I say. Ashley, The Snow Queen Elsa came and graced us with her presence at Princess De'Mariyah 7th Royal "Frozen" party and she made it more magical. Princess De'Mariyah is a talker but when she opened up the door and say Quee Elsa on the other side she had nothing to say. It was to funny. She finally got enough out to say she had to go get her cousin so she can shoe her who has graced them with their presence. The Queen came all the way to Dallas for my babies specials day. She explained how she got their and where everyone was and that they all had to meet up at four. She never broke character. The kids were asking and throwing out different scenes from the movie and she picked it up and spoke right on it. Kids asked her about her hair they wanted to authenticate that she was the real Snow Queen and she passed. They said she couldn't use her frozen powers at the party because her sister was not around and she made that promise and she was not going to break it. The Snow Queen looked very beautiful just like she came right out of the movie herself. To tell you the truth I loved and wanted the dress she had on that she made of ice in the movie and I wanted the dress that she had on that she wore when she came over here. Just a mother's note. :) . The Snow Queen was very energized with all the kids. Ashley treated my baby like the princess giving her the extra attention she deserved since it was her day. When Ashley came in she asked her was she De'Mariyah and that it was nice of her to invite her to her party. That was truly special to my baby on more than one level for one it was coming from the Snow Queen, Second it is her birthday party and third she said her name right. It's truly an easy name but some have difficulties but she had that and she said it was beautiful. Got to love her for that. Ashley shows attention to the children as if she really wants to be there not as if she is just not waiting to be paid. The children were extremely happy and seeing my daughter that happy had tears in my eyes. Ashley made cool balloon animals birthday girl went first . Ashley presented the birthday girl with her birthday cake . Ashley song with the kids my daughters most favor song of the year Let It Go and oh how they all enjoyed that. She was very active with them with when they were sing the song they did all the had motions and every actions that the Snow Queen did and my daughter loved it because that is what she does when she watches the movie action for action she does it so to have her there to do the actions with her that is such an,OMG!!!! moment lol. Ashley did a photo shoot with the kids including silly face photos. This young lady did an awesome job by making my daughters day on such a short notice. My daughter has told me mom I will never forget this birthday thank you for making this the best birthday ever. I could not have pulled this off with out Ashley. Ashley you played one of the biggest parts in making this birthday so special daughter and I could not thank you enough."

T'Na S.
Dallas, TX
October 4, 2014
- Ashley -

Snow Queen & Snow Princess


"They came to my 3 year old granddaughters birthday party and were just awesome! Well worth the money! The singing was my favorite!"

Jalene M.
October 12, 2014
Mesquite, TX
- Ashley, Devon -

Magical Experience


"Thank you so much for the awesome experience.
Snow queen (Amanda) at our party was a big hit. My daughter was so thrilled to see Snow queen. Elsa (Amanda) was great. My daughter still talks about her. She gave so much attention to all the kids. Couldn't have asked for more.
Thank you Amanda once again for your service. That 1 hr was magical for my daughter."

Purvi T.

Austin, TX

October 12, 2014

- Amanda A. -

Exceeded Expectations

"I just wanted to say thank you so much to Kim for the great job on Saturday as Snow Queen.  My daughter and her friends had so much fun and you made her party very special.  You did a wonderful job and exceeded my expectations by far.  Thank you so much!"

A. McAlister
Dallas, TX
September 27, 2014
- Kim B. -

Best Party Ever!


"I could not be more pleased with the job Kaylee did as Snow Queen! She was kind, attentive to the birthday girl at all times, stayed I character and had a beautiful singing voice. The owner of the venue and several moms asked for her card. Great job!!!"

I. Aguilar
Frisco, TX
September 27, 2014
- Kaylee -



"I just wanted to let you  know what a WONDERFUL job Laura did.  She was very professional, friendly and a beautiful young lady!  My granddaughter and her friends just loved her.  (I will recommend this company to all of my friends).  Thanks again for making my granddaughter's birthday so special!!!!"

J. Williams

Fort Worth, TX

September 13, 2014

- Laura -

So Happy!


"Please express how happy we were with Sarah on Sunday!! She was a huge hit and just the nicest person. Several parents asked her how to hire her, so hopefully we generated some business for you as well. Again, thank you so much for organizing and setting this up!!!"

S. Sutton
Dallas, TX
September 7, 2014
- Sarah -

So Great!

"I would like to say thank you! My daughters 4th birthday was so great! Snow Queen (Ashley) was great! The lil girls absolutely loved her! She made the party so special! My daughter loved the special presents from her! Thanks again! I don't have Ashley's number anymore but pls tell her thank you! "

Nikki S.
Nevada, TX
July 12, 2014
- Ashley -

Wonderful Service

"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service we received today.  Jessica was the perfect touch to my daughter's princess tea party.  She mesmerized the girls with her lovely voice (the girls insisted on a group sing-a-long) and her specific knowledge of lives of princesses, and she graciously participated in an impromptu dance party which thrilled our young princesses.


To many more magical events".

Beri D.

Frisco, TX

July 12, 2014

- Jessica -

More than 5 stars!!!

"Natalie was wonderful!!! my party was a big success thanks to you guys..her voice was amazing, everybody had a great time. Thank you very much!!!!"

Arianna C.
Frisco, TX
June 14, 2014
- Natalie -

Snow Queen Party


"The event was excellent! The little girls loved the Snow Queen. She was very kind and sweet. Very pleasant. Would hire you all again."

Tina H.
McKinney, TX
May 31, 2014
- Sarah -

The Snow Queen was excellent


"The Snow Queen came to my daughter's 4th birthday party a few weeks ago and she was spectacular! She was in character from the moment she walked through the door. She was very sweet, the girls all loved her and she had a beautiful voice. My daughter is really looking forward to having another "princess" come by for her 5th birthday."

Elle N.

Dallas, TX

May 4, 2014

- Natalie -

The Snow Queen was fantastic!


"She handled herself extremely professional, my daughter had the best day of her life!!! than, will recommend to others for sure!"

Letty O.
Fort Worth, TX
May 31, 2014
- Laura -

Snow Queen was fantastic!


"Sarah (our Snow Queen) was unbelievable. I am so appreciative that you were able to make something work on such short notice. The girls were totally mesmerized - her hair, her gown, the face painting. When she sang Let it go-we were all blown away. I had tears in my eyes and so did the girls who were all singing at the top of their lungs. They couldn't believe the real Snow Queen had come all this way to sing, read and play with them. Thank you so much for making Chloe's party the most memorable ever! She thinks I am the coolest mom for getting the Snow Queen to come. Thank you Sarah!!"

Kelly L.
Dallas, TX
June 6, 2014
- Sarah -


"Snow Queen and Snow Princess were fabulous at my 4 years old birthday party! They interacted well with the kids and helped in getting them ready to play games and sing Happy Birthday. They were great and patient with all the photos wanting to be taken. I loved how they were always in character. My favorite thing I over heard was one of the little girls said her favorite animal was a tiger and Anna responded with, "My friend Princess Jasmine has a pet tiger." I would recommend them to anyone!"

Sabrina B.

Ponder, TX

June 21, 2014

- Natalie, Sarah M. -

Queen worthy!


"The Frozen Queen was absolutely beautiful! She was very sweet to the kids and all of her interactions were princess/Queen worthy! My daughter and all of her friends loved her story time and the fun they had while the Snow Queen was here. She looked JUST as she did in the movie- I highly recommend her!!!! Very impressed all- around!"

Melissa S.
Coppell, TX
February 23, 2014
- Sarah -

Too cute!

"I just wanted to thank Sheridan for the present she left Elizabeth on Saturday!  She was so sweet and the girls loved her!  They were all asking her to use her frozen powers.  It was too cute! "

Amanda F.
Dallas, TX
June 14, 2014
- Sheridan -


"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Sarah.  I am overwhelmed by her talent and kindness.  The girls at the party LOVED her and were convinced she had come straight from a fairy tale to meet them.  I'm so thankful that she was available on such late notice since the other Snow Queen couldn't come.  THANK YOU to Sarah.  She was a life-saver and made the party perfect!"

Rebecca L.

Dallas TX

May 24, 2014

- Sarah - 


"I just want to post that Snow Queen was fantastic!  The girls were delighted and adored her.  She was super sweet.  Thank you for such an amazing birthday for my daughter!"

Elizabeth S.M.
McKinney, TX
May 10, 2014
- Jessica -

Absolutely Perfect!


"Sarah came to my daughter’s 4th birthday as Snow Queen and she was fantastic! The face painting and dancing were a ton of fun for the girls but the highlight was when she sang. Her voice was beautiful and hearing 15 little princesses sing every word in unison was absolute magic! They were the kinds memories every father wants to give his little girl and every parent will cherish. I can’t say enough good things about our experience with Sarah and Happily Ever Parties."

Nick W.
McKinney, TX
May 10, 2014
 - Sarah -


"Just want you to know Vanesa was AWESOME in so many ways! I want to send you pics and write a rave review on your website and will later when I have time! She was beautiful, sweet, completely and impressively, talentedly in character the whole time. And had a gorgeous singing voice!!! I didn't expect near the talent and job she did!!!!! Thank you so much."

Amy B.

Austin, TX

May 3, 2014

- Vanessa -



"Snow Queen (Anna) was amazing! The kids were mesmerized. She never broke character. What a great improviser! She entertained them by telling stories, face painting, playing games, singing and dancing. When she started singing everyone was shocked at her beautiful voice. She truly made our party!"

Lydia H.
Austin, TX
May 9, 2014
 - Anna - 

Green Fairy!


"Green Fairy (Jessica) did a great job. The kids were really entertained and were so happy that she stopped by. Our party turned out great.. thanks for her help! I highly recommend her!"

Maureen M.
Wylie, TX
March 24, 2014
- Jessica -

Snow Princess


"Snow Princess was wonderful! You could tell that the girls really believed she came to the party. She did such a great job of giving my daughter attention on her special day and shepherding the children from one activity to the next. I would absolutely recommend!"

Alison S.

Dallas, TX

March 22, 2014

- Natalie -

Mouse characters


"The event went very well and the birthday girl though she is only 1year old absolutely adored them. All the other kids enjoyed them as well. Love all the hugs given to all the kids, even though most were under the age of 3, no one got scared at all. Thanks again and if we ever need another character, we would definitely invite them over again!"

Beatrix H.
Dallas, TX
March 8, 2014
- Robin, Mary Katherine -


"Sheridan was awesome. Our guests enjoyed it a lot. She made the event special and memorable. Thanks a lot for making my daughters birthday party soooooooo special. APPRECIATED !!!! She deserves a lot more appreciation ,,,she did a splendid job ( 2 thumbs up) :)"

Sabahat Z.
Frisco, TX
March 8, 2014
 - Sheridan -

Snow Queen

"The Snow Queen was absolutely beautiful! She was very sweet to the kids and all of her interactions were princess/Queen worthy! My daughter and all of her friends loved her story time and the fun they had while the Snow Queen was here. I highly recommend her!!!! Very impressed all- around!"

Melissa S.

Coppell, TX

February 23, 2014

- Sarah - 

The princesses were so amazing!


"My daughter had an amazing time at her birthday party! We had Snow Princess and Snow Queen! All my daughter's friends had so much fun! Snow Queen sang so beautiful! The girls where so happy to hear their favorite song! It was so much fun!"

Angelica O.
Garland, TX
February 23, 2014
 - Mikaela, Laura -

The swimming mermaid Laura was the best !!!



"Omg I loved the swimming mermaid Ms.Laura she did an excellent job with my 5 year old Rihanna's "Under the sea birthday party . My daughter was so happy and all the kids enjoyed the swimming mermaid I would recommend happily ever parties to every one.

Response from Happily Ever Parties & Entertainment:
Thank you so much!"

Fatima S.
Lancaster, TX
September 21, 2013
 - Laura -


"Arabian Princess was wonderful. Kept the line of communication open and fit in very well. It was a bit different than what she's used to but she did an amazing job going with the flow and interacting with the kids especially the birthday girl. Would definitely recommend and use these services again!"

Gene F.

San Antonio, TX

February 8, 2014

- Amanda -

Pink Doll

"My daughter was delighted with the Pink Doll sent to our party! She arrived on-time and communication before that was great! Once she arrived I loved the attention she gave to my daughter and how she pleased her in every single way (even went into the bouncy house with her!) I TOTALLY RECOMMEND HAPPILY EVER PARTIES!!!"

Jean P.
Georgetown, TX
January 25, 2014
- Anna -

Mouse was a hit at the party


"I never done anything like this before or have I seen it myself. The process was easy the level of communication was great and the over all experience was phenomenal. My two year olds theme was Mouse and I had the whole backyard was set up perfectly and the only thing missing was Mouse so I looked and found this company and got one booked and everything is was just nothing but smiles, laughs and a bunch of photos. My boy opened gifts, tried his shot at a piñata and opened gifts plus blew out the candle with Mouse by his side. Best memories he will have for sure."

Joe H. 
Lewisville, TX
January 12, 2014
- Robin -
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