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Our Original Fairy Costume Characters*...

Ember, The Firefly Fairy 

Aquina, The Water Sprite Fairy

Kaleida, The Rainbow Fairy 

Fauna, The Animal Fairy 

Flora, The Flower Fairy

Flutter, The Butterfly Fairy

Frostina, The Snow Fairy

Forestria, The Woodland Fairy

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Fauna, the Animal Fairy

Aquina, the Water Sprite Fairy

Kaleida, the Rainbow Fairy

Ember, the Firefly Fairy

A Fairy Special Play Date

by Margy Johnson

Copyright 2018

It was a beautiful sunny morning in late spring. 

Gracie and her big sister, Maddie, asked their mother if they could play in the little woodsy area behind their home. Their mother was working in her backyard garden, and she said that they could play there, if they made sure to stay close to their home and to keep out of the small creek that meandered through the little woods.

Gracie and Maddie loved to play in the little woods.  It was very pretty, with trees and rocks and wildflowers and the little creek. They pretended to be royal princesses living in a magical kingdom.  Sometimes they would see squirrels or rabbits, or even an occasional deer.

This morning, the wildflowers were blooming all through the trees and there seemed to be a hundred butterflies of all colors fluttering over them, looking for sweet-tasting nectar.

“Let’s make flower necklaces”, Maddie said.  “I will teach you how”. 

Gracie thought that was a wonderful idea, so she sat down next to Maddie in a patch of beautiful flowers and Maddie showed her how to pick the flowers so that the stems were long enough to tie into flower chains.

The girls were working busily, making wildflower necklaces and bracelets, when Maddie picked a big purple flower that seemed to be very popular with the butterflies.  When she picked up the flower, she noticed what she thought was a butterfly, that appeared to be sitting in the middle of the flower.

The butterfly was more beautiful than any she had ever seen before.  She had iridescent wings and her body looked like a lovely dress made of rainbows.  As Maddie looked closer, she saw what looked like a little human face looking up at her.  Maddie was so surprised, that she dropped the flower. 

“Ouch!”, she heard the “butterfly” say as the flower fell to the ground and the “butterfly” barely had a chance to fly off the flower before she tumbled down with it. “That was close.  I think I bruised my wings.  You might be a little more careful to make sure someone isn’t sitting on a flower, before you throw it on the ground, you know.”

Maddie and Gracie both jumped to their feet in shock.  “I am sorry”, Maddie said.

Then, “Butterflies can’t talk”, Gracie said in confusion.

“I’m not a butterfly, silly, I am a fairy.  Haven’t you ever heard of fairies”? asked the beautiful creature, with her hands on her hips.

“Yes, we have”, Maddie replied.  “But we thought that fairies were only make-believe”.

The rainbow fairy laughed, and it sounded like little bells blowing in the wind.  “Of course, we are real”, she answered.  “Fairies and all kinds of magical creatures do exist, in the woodlands, gardens and streams, and in the rainbows, clouds and sunbeams. 

Most humans can’t see us, because they don’t believe in magic.  Usually only young children with very good imaginations can see us”.

The girls were speechless for a moment, as they looked at the little fairy in the rainbow dress. 

Finally, Maddie said, “It’s hard to see you, because you are so small.  With my glasses, it isn’t easy to see small things. But it looks like you are just beautiful. I can’t believe I am talking to a real fairy”. 

“I can make myself bigger”, the fairy said.  “But if I do, you must keep a look out to make sure that nobody else comes along, while I am bigger.  Some people would not understand the magic and they would be frightened or upset”. 

“Once fairies become big, they cannot go back to being small again, until midnight. So, I will have to be very careful and hide in the woods all day, to make sure I don’t frighten anyone”, she added.

“Yes, please make yourself big!”. Gracie said, clapping her hands.

“If it isn’t too inconvenient”, Maddie added, politely.

The fairy blew something sparkly into the air and it made a cloud that covered her in a shimmering glitter.  Before the girls could even blink, she was standing in front of them and she was the size of a grown-up lady with wings on her back.

“My name is Kaleida.  I am a rainbow fairy”, the lady said.

“My name is Maddie, and this is my sister Gracie”, Maddie said.  “We are human girls”.  We are pleased to meet you.  What is a rainbow fairy?”.

“A rainbow fairy is a fairy that sleeps inside rainbows”, Kaleida said. 

“There are many kinds of fairies,"  she added.  Every different kind of fairy has a special place to live and her own special magic. Fairies are guardians of nature.  We watch over everything in the natural world to keep it safe and beautiful.”

“Are there other fairies here, too?” Gracie asked, looking at the butterflies, dancing above the flowers.

“Yes,” Kaleida said.  “Some of my friends are here.  Would you like to meet them?”

“Yes, Please!” Both Maddie and Gracie said together.

Kaleida turned to speak to the butterflies and said, “It’s all right, fairies. I think these girls have good imaginations”. 

Some of the butterflies began to sparkle with a small, surrounding cloud of glitter, just like Kaleida did before she became big.

Then, suddenly, there they were.  A group of magnificent, real live fairies, standing near Kaleida, looking at Maddie and Gracie.

Each fairy looked incredibly beautiful, but very different, with her own distinct appearance, and each one had a different kind of crown and different wings on her back.

“This is Ember, Kaleida said, as the first fairy stepped forward. 

Ember reminded them of the flame at the tip of a candle. Her clothing and hair were the colors of fire.  She was bright and lovely in red and orange and yellow. 

“What kind of fairy are you?”, Maddie asked her politely. 

“I am a firefly fairy”, Ember answered. I light up the sky at night with tiny magic lights.”

“Oooh”.  Gracie said, looking shocked and amazed.

“I thought fireflies were insects?” Maddie asked, curiously. 

“Not all of them,” Candesce replied. “Some of us are actually fairies. We live in the little sparks of flame that come from fireworks and campfires. When we don’t have a fire, we can make our own, with little sparkles to light up the dark night sky”. 

“Your dress has lights in it!” Maddie noticed with excitement.  

“Yes,” Ember answered.  I am dressed in tiny fire lights, although it is easier to see them at night, when it’s dark.”

“Oooh” Gracie said, again.

“It’s wonderful to meet you Ember”, Maddie said. 

“Wonderful” Gracie repeated in a dazed way.

“And this is Aquina”, Kaleida said, as a third fairy in shimmering shades of blue stepped forward.  “She is a water sprite”.

“What is a water sprite?” Maddie asked.

“A water sprite is a fairy that can live under or above the water and can breathe either air or water”, Aquina said proudly.  “Sprites are the only fairies that can live in two different worlds. I have my home in the little creek. Some water sprites live in lakes and oceans, too”.

“That’s amazing!”, Gracie said. “I wish I could breath under the water”.

“And this is Frostina”, Kaleida said, as an icy blue fairy, with a sparkling snowflake crown on her head, stepped forward.

“I live in the frost that appears on the leaves in the winter”, Frostina said.  When it’s summer time, I live in the drops of dew that cover the plants, at night.  I can even turn water into snow."

“That’s awesome”, Gracie said.

A leafy green fairy stepped forward next.  “And this is Forestria.  She is a Woodland fairy”, Kaleida said.  

“We are happy to meet you, Forestria”.  Maddie said.

“I live in the leaves on the trees in wooded areas”, said Forestria.  I guard all plants from dangerous insects, or chemicals that might hurt them. I know how to make it rain when the plants need a drink of water."

Then a fairy with beautiful wings stepped forward.  "I am Flutter", she said. "I am a butterfly fairy.  I sleep in the flowers with the butterflies". 

“And here is my other friend, Fauna”, Kaleida said, pulling the hand of a shy-looking fairy who was dressed in light tan and had antlers on her head like a deer.  She looked as though she wanted to blend into the forest and hide.

“Are you an animal fairy?”  Maddie asked, beginning to understand a little bit about the fairy world.

Fauna appeared skittish, as if she wanted to run away.  But she looked around for a moment and then took a deep breath and seemed to calm down. “Yes,” said Fauna quietly.  “I live with the forest animals and sleep on their fur at night”.

“And you fairies all protect the trees and flowers and water and animals, that live in the woods”? Maddie asked.

“Yes”, Forestria answered.   “We have lived here for hundreds of years.  A long time ago this was a big forest with miles of trees.”

“Now it is just this little patch of trees with the small creek running through it”, Aquina added. “There used to be a lot more fairies here, but many of them have moved to the big areas that you humans call “national parks.  There are not many of us left, in this little green area, now”.

“Can we play with you today?” Maddie asked the fairies shyly.  “Our mother said we could play here, as long as we stay close to the house.  We were making flower necklaces and bracelets”.

“We would love to play with you!”, the fairies answered. 

“We never meet anyone new, these days”. Flutter said sadly.  "But it's great that we finally did!"

“We can only play until midnight, when we have to go back to being tiny again”, Kaleida reminded them.

“That’s okay”, Gracie said.  “I go to bed at eight thirty, anyway”.

“Then let’s play!” Ember said brightly. 

"I can teach you how to climb the forest vines”, Forestria said. 

“I can teach you how to see rainbows through my little crystal pendant”, Kaleida said.

“I can show you how I breathe under the water”, Aquina said.

“I wish that we could do that,” Maddie said, “but our mother told us we must stay out of the creek”.

“Maybe some other time,then, Aquina said with a shrug, as she sparkled like moving water in the sunlight.

I can show you how to get the butterflies to eat from a flower that you hold in your hand", Flutter said. 

“I could bring some of my animal friends to meet you”, Fauna suggested quietly.  “But you must be very calm and quiet so that you do not frighten then”.

“That would be fantastic”, Maddie said.

“We love animals”, Gracie answered, clapping her hands.

“We will be very quiet and gentle”, Maddie promised.

The girls played happily with the fairies and the forest creatures until they heard their mother calling them to come back home.

“You must promise not to tell anyone about us”, Kaleida said.  “Grown up people do not understand about fairies”.

“It will be our secret”, Maddie promised

“A secret”, Gracie agreed.

“May we come back and play with you again, soon?” Maddie asked.

“We would like that very much, “The fairies answered.

Gracie and Maddie skipped happily home, holding hands and smiling about the biggest, happiest secret they had ever known.

"I can't wait to come back and play again!" Gracie said.  

"Neither can I", Maddie said. "But you must not tell anyone about the fairies.  Not even Mom", Maddie reminded,''

"I won't", Gracie said.  "I promise.  I am old enough to know how to keep a secret now". 

Gracie and Maddie's mother wondered why the girls were so quiet when they got back to the house.  But Maddie and Gracie were both smiling and looked happy, so she decided it wasn't anything to worry about, as started to make dinner.

"Can we play in the little woods again, tomorrow"?  Maddie asked.

"As long as it doesn't rain", their mother answered. 

Maddie and Gracie looked at each other and smiled.