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How to Start Your Own Costume Character Company - (Paper back book)

Start Your Own Costume Character Business & Make Great Money
Working at Home

Margy Johnson

Book Introduction:

     Most people want to work at home, do something they enjoy, yet still make enough money to live a comfortable lifestyle.  Working for other people has become less practical, as traditional jobs are paying less and offering reduced incomes, perks, benefits, flexibility and retirement. 

     Anyone can start a costume character business and become successful.  It’s fun and creative and can become profitable quickly. Start-up costs are low, and you have the flexibility to set your own hours and make your own decisions. Being your own boss is a true American Dream.  Why not dream it for yourself?

Author Biography:

     Before founding her children’s costume character business, Margy Johnson was a typical middle-aged, middle class, suburban mom.  She had earned a degree and worked for decades in dry administrative jobs that offered little in the way of fun, flexibility or opportunity.

     Margy started her costume character company on a part-time basis when her children went off to college.  The business rapidly became popular and profitable beyond her wildest dreams.  She is eager to share her secrets of success with others who are looking for a way to make their own self-employment dreams come true.