Happily Ever Parties

These are some of the talented entertainers available to make your party a success!

Please note that not everyone you see is available in your area.  Different people entertain in different locations, based on where they live.

When you are ready to book your event, we will find you someone who A) lives in your area, B) is available for the date & time that you request, C) fits the character that you are looking for and D) can do the specific activities that you are requesting, if applicable, (such as singing, face painting, etc.) 

All of these factors are taken into consideration when it comes to assigning your party character. 

These photos are intended as a reference for you to see what the person might look like in their daily life.  Please keep an open mind and imagination.  Once they are in a character costume, with the appropriate wig and accessories, they will look different.  Please try to look beyond the hair color in the photo.  These ladies can, and do, pull off multiple different hair colors and styles on a regular basis.

The biographies listed are only a short summary of their talents, training & experience.  There is much more they can all do than will fit on one page.

Katherine specializes in princess, fairy, and doll characters.  She has experience as a camp counselor and youth leader.

Jennifer M specializes in costume characters, acting, singing & dancing.
She has a degree in music and social work as well as performance experirence in musical theatre and as a singer.

Laura (1) specializes in swimming mermaid and other costume characters, face painting, singing, dancing, gymnastics, swimming and figure skating.  She has experience acting in film, television, stage and commercials as well as print modeling.  Laura has a BA degree, is a lifeguard and athlete and speaks Spanish and American Sign Language fluently.

Lindsey specializes in princess, fairy, doll & mermaid characters. She has a background in singing, dancing, acting and musical theatre. 

Robin specializes in character roles, dress up games, improv, face painting and stage fighting games.   She also knows basic balloon twisting.  Robin can play characters like Fairy Godmother, Mrs. Claus, etc.  Robin has experience entertaining at parties and has performed in many theatrical productions.

Monique specializes in princess characters and has experience acting in theatre and modeling.

Jennifer specializes in characters, cheer leading,  dancing, tumbling and singing.  Jennifer's prior experience includes college cheer leading, acting for film and theater; singing in a pop group. 

Kristin specializes in princess characters.  She has experience in film, commercials & theatre.
Kim B. specializes in princess characters, singing & dancing; basic face painting & balloon twisting..  Her prior experience includes numerous roles in musical theatre productions, singing, dancing, industrial and commercial films.  Kim has a BFA Degree in Theatre, with an emphasis in Musical Theatre. 

Al specializes in Santa Claus.  In addition to Santa experience, Al has a PhD in School Psychology and a great deal of experience as a theater actor.

Sheridan specializes in characters, singing and dancing.  She can apply make-up, and do basic face-painting and balloon twisting.  Sheridan's prior experience includes show choir, acting for musical theater, acting for film, voice overs, modeling, singing in a pop band, and costume characters. 
Eric specializes in heroes, pirates & other characters.  He has a background as a professional film actor and has studied several types of martial arts. Eric has appeared in TV shows, films, music videos & more.

Kylar specializes in princess characters, singing and dancing.  She has experience as a Disney character and in musical theatre acting. 

Brandon specializes is pirates, heroes and other characters.  He has a background in acting for theatre.

Kaylee specializes in princess, doll, fairy & mermaid characters.  She has prior experience as an actress and singer.  Kaylee has performed in plays & musicals and has a background in singing, dancing and modeling.

Tyler specializes in large costume characters, pirates & more.  He has a background in acting for theatre and film.

Charles specializes in pirates, princes, super heroes and other characters.  He sings, plays guitar & does balloon twisting.  Charles has a BA in Theatre Arts and Cinematography & is studying to be an entertainment attorney.

Devon specializes in Princess, mermaid, fairy, & doll type characters.  Her prior experience includes many different roles in theatrical productions.

Leo has experience acting in theatre and film.  He specializes in hero, pirate and other costume characters.

Josh specializes in hero, prince & pirate characters.  He has experience in acting, wrestling and playing guitar.

Gabe specializes in hero, pirate and prince type costume characters.  He has a background in acting in plays for school and community theatre.

Haulston speciializes in hero, prince and pirate type costume characters.  He has experience acting in films and in theatre productions.  Haulston has a degree in fine arts and experience in martial arts and teaching.

Phoenicia specializes in costume characters and face painting.  She has prior experience acting on national TV shows and commercials, as well as in stage productions.

Jen specializes in costume character roles.  She has a background in theatre and a BS degree in Communications.

Jenny specializes in costume characters, story- telling, singing & dancing. Her prior experience includes theatre, musical theatre, murder mystery theatre and improvisation.

Kennneisha specializes in costumer character acting.  Her prior experience includes acting in films, on television and in commercials, voice overs and theatre acting.  She has training & experience in dance, music, puppetry and working with children.

Terri specializes in Mrs. Santa Claus, Fairy Godmother and more.  She has performed as a costume character at many parties and events and is also an awesome grandma.

Jocelyn specializes in costume characters.  She has experience singing, dancing & acting in film, theatre, voice overs and commercials. 

Robert specializes in Santa Claus costume characters. He is a musician, actor, entertainer and performer.

Tony specializes in Santa Claus entertainment.  He has a previous 25 years of Santa Claus experience.

Jack specializes in Santa Claus characters.  He has trained as a professional Santa & has worked as Santa at many events.


George specializes in Santa Claus costume characters.  He has worked as a Santa for  a few years.

Amber specializes in princess and other costume characters.  She has experience in acting, singing, dancing and modeling.  Amber is currently in college studying for a degree in performing arts.

Bob specializes in Santa Claus and other similar characters. He has a background in community theater.

Tiry specializes in Santa Claus costume characters. He has experience as a Master of Ceremonies, a Youth Director and a coach.

Greg specializes in Santa Claus events. He has experience in professional theatre and in Santa Claus character event.s

Doug specializes in Santa Claus costume characters.  He has prior experience acting in plays and musicals, as well as an extensive background in event planning & production.

Sean specializes in hero & pirate characters.  He has previous costume character experience.

Bill specializes in Santa Claus and other costume characters.  His prior experience includes more than 150 roles in theatre and musical theatre productions and previous employment as a professional Santa Claus character.